Single & Twin Engine Aircraft: Grand Selections & Beautiful Designs

The design and materials selection process is similar for either option.  We will work closely with you to come up with a seat design and color selections for the complete interior. Our team will provide our feedback to ensure that the design, material, and color choices work well so that the final look and feel of the interior is to your expectations.   We can provide our own seat designs or apply any seat design of your choice. You are also welcomed to visit our facility and make your selections at our location. We can also provide pictures and ship material samples to you for selections if you are not able to visit our facility.

As a certified FAA repair station, Elite Air provides a comprehensive certification packet including material certifications, and test plan certifications as appropriate for specific type aircraft and return to service certifications.  We only use materials that are approved for aircraft use with traceability and flammability certifications.

We keep a high quality material selection that is both functional and practical for use on aircraft interiors.  These materials will enhance the feel and look of the interior while increasing the value of your investment.